About Us: Whether it’s a road trip, hiking trip, fishing trip or a trip to grandma's house, Cedar Electronics works to get you there safely you say connected, your most important memories can be shared, and that even the most remote locations you can charge up and keep running.

Our products give consumers confidence in adventuring into the world with features that keep them safe and connected while experiencing and capturing their unique view. Consumers who rely on, and enjoy, our products are wide ranging.  We champion quality that meets all levels of imagination so our customers can go the extreme and trust in us whether using our products in the outdoors, in their cars, in their professional lives as drivers, or in the marine world.

So go ahead, get out and explore the world around you....we've got your back.

Cedar Electronics Holding Corp., is a consumer electronics company specializing in communication and detection products. Cedar, consisting of the Cobra Electronics, Escort, and WASPcam product brands, has several locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Cedar is the largest maker of radar detectors at every price point and in every sales channel.  Cedar also focuses on other consumer electronics products for “casual and professional drivers,” as well as boat owners and outdoor enthusiasts. 

More information about the products offered by Cedar can be found at the individual websites:   www.cobra.com,  www.escortradar.com, and www.waspcam.com.

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