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USD$ 219.95
Radar Detector W / Bluetooth
USD$ 169.95
ALL NEW! RAD 450 Radar and Laser Detector
USD$ 119.95
ALL NEW! RAD 350 Radar and Laser Detector
USD$ 99.95
ALL NEW! RAD 250 Radar and Laser Detector

Radar Detectors Accessories

USD$ 19.95
Suction cup windshield bracket for the following models: • SLR 500 • SLR 600 • SLR 650G
USD$ 19.95
Travel Case for SPX 6700, 7700, 7800BT and DSP 9200 Model Detectors
USD$ 2.00
Radar Suction Cup, Clear
USD$ 14.95
Straight Power Cord with Auxiliary USB Charge Port for Cobra iRadar
USD$ 9.95
Curled Power Cord for ESD, XRS, & SPX Series Cobra Radar Detectors
USD$ 9.95
Straight Power Cord for ESD, XRS & SPX Series Cobra Radar Detectors (6' long)
USD$ 9.95
Replacement Cobra iRadar Suction Cup Mount
USD$ 14.99
Discreet Windshield Mount for irad 900/950 models
USD$ 9.95
Replacement Radar Detector Windshield Mount
USD$ 5.95
USB Cable for GPSL 55 and GPSL 66
USD$ 9.95
Hardwire Cord for Cobra iRadar, ESD, XRS & SPX Series Radar Units
USD$ 59.95
Remote with Battery for XRS R7 and XRS R9G
USD$ 3.00
Velcro for radar dash-mount option