Why become a Cobra Authorized Retailer?

CobraSelect™ Authorized Retailer

Cobra Authorized Retailers represent the finest specialty and high service retailers in their class of trade and they offer a select group of Cobra branded premium products that are sold only exclusively through Cobra Authorized Retailers.  This premium line of products will be sold in cooperation with Cobra through its Omni-channel shopping network and takes advantage of the increased level of digital advertising, social media and national promotional investments by participating in location based e-commerce program. This program is also promoted through Cobra’s new website at www.cobra.com.

Cobra Authorized Retailers are retail dealers, installers and integrators who are authorized directly by Cobra and they agree to abide by the Cobra Authorized Retailers Merchandising Guidelines (RMG) and adhere to the Cobra Authorized Retailers Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) Policies. Cobra Authorized Retailers shall be entitled to certain benefits that may be announced by Cobra from time to time which may include, without limitation, any or all of the following:

  • A “Cobra Authorized Retailer” website logo,
  • Camera ready artwork or images, provided by Cobra in an electronic format, for use on the seller’s website
  • Participation in the Cobra’s geo-location Find a Store Locator
  • The option to be part of Cobra.com’s “Buy On-Line e-Commerce” Program through Shopatron

The Cobra Authorized Retailer profile retailer is a specialized premium retailer who:

  • owns their own retail operations
  • specializes in one of our 4 consumer groups and in our core product categories
  • is brick & mortar, brick & click retailer, or operates their own website and ecommerce operation

To become a Cobra Authorized Retailer, click here for PDF application